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ProductLife group continues on its platform expansion

ProductLife Group, expert in Regulatory Compliance services
for the Pharma and Life Sciences industries, continues on its platform expansion and completes two new build-ups

After having accelerated its platform strategy under 21 Invest France’s tenure with 7 strategic acquisitions, ProductLife Group pursues its market consolidation trajectory with the acquisition of Pharma D&S Group and Cilatus. Combined with a double-digit organic growth, the Group has now increased in size by five times, counts 1,300 employees covering 150 countries with a pro-forma turnover of €M 115.

ProductLife Group (PLG) is a global provider of regulatory & compliance consulting for the pharmaceutical industry, addressing all clients’ needs across the whole products life cycle; from Development, Compliance, Regulatory Affairs, Regulatory Operations to Safety & Vigilance. Its ambition is to become the leading strategic partner for Life Sciences professionals worldwide, through both strong organic growth and targeted acquisitions allowing either to expand the geographical coverage or to add/reinforce a new expertise.

Acquisition of Pharma D&S Group | Italy

Founded in 2001, Pharma D&S Group offers its customers reliable, efficient and personalized support during every process that affects the life cycle of clients’ products from development to post marketing, from process engineering to facilities design, construction and qualification. The group is based in Italy with 4 local offices and a turnover of 20 million euros. This build-up, which is the largest to date completed by the Group, reinforces PLG’s ability to tackle the Italian market reaching a critical size on its core services, while increasing the Group’s customer reach.
The acquisition was signed on June 2nd, 2023. The closing of the transaction is expected by mid-June.

Acquisition of Cilatus | Switzerland & Ireland

Founded in 2014, Cilatus is a renowned biopharmaceutical development and regulatory consulting expert. The group has offices in Switzerland and in Ireland, generating a turnover of 5 million euros. This build-up marks PLG’s third acquisition in 2 years in product development segment, after the successful integration of DS Inpharmatics (DSI) in 2021 and Zwiers Regulatory Consultancy in 2022. The combination of Cilatus and PLG product development teams will accelerate PLG’s roadmap of becoming the global reference partner in regulatory science to expedite development and access of HealthTech products to regulated markets.
The acquisition was closed on May 10th, 2023.

Xavier Duburcq, CEO of ProductLife Group, says: “These two new acquisitions are a key step in PLG’s growth. Pharma D&S is a renowned leader on the Italian market with a long-standing emphasis on quality and Cilatus is a highly reputable company with strong expertise in complex products development. Both companies participate to our strategy of building an integrated global offering to efficiently and effectively serve all our clients, facilitating innovation and scientific progress.”

Fabrice Voituron, Managing Partner at 21 Invest France, adds: “ProductLife Group has now been propelled to a new dimension in terms of footprint, with a reinforced global presence, and in terms of expertise with a comprehensive array of solutions dedicated to the fast-moving Life Sciences industry. Led by its CEO Xavier Duburcq, the Group delivers its ambitious buy-and-build roadmap as initially planned. Additional opportunities are currently at advanced stage.”

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