SIFI to acquire a pharmaceutical product portfolio in France

July 4, 2019

SIFI, the Italian leader in ophthalmology, has acquired Dacudoses and Novoptine, leading ophthalmic antiseptic brands in France with a total turnover of about € 6 million, from Laboratoire Gifrer Barbezat.

is the leading reimbursed brand of the French ophthalmic antiseptic segment, prescribed by ophthalmologists and general practitioners. Dacudoses is commonly used as an eyewash in case of light conjunctivitis and/or infections, benefitting from a very strong brand recognition in France.

Novoptine is an overt-the-counter antiseptic collyrium used to treat eye infections and conjunctivitis.

SIFI will market both products directly through its subsidiary SIFI France, starting from January 2020. The reference market segment is expected to grow thanks to increased incidence of eye disorders, such as bacterial and allergic conjunctivitis, among the aging population.

According to the Ocular Surface Infections Guidelines by AFSSAPS (Agence Française de Sécurité Sanitaire des Produits de Santé), non-serious bacterial conjunctivitis in adults, in the absence of risk factors, should be treated by washing the eye with saline solution associated with antiseptic solutions instead of using antibiotics.

With a leadership position in Italy, Romania and Turkey, a consolidated presence in Mexico and more recently also in Spain, SIFI is implementing an international expansion strategy, with the aim of becoming a key independent player in ophthalmology, leveraging on its know-how, expertise and unique assets.

After this acquisition, thanks to fast growing export, SIFI’s international sales will represent about 40% of turnover and are expected to increase significantly in the coming years.

"This strategic deal represents a significant milestone for our company, being the first acquisition made since our foundation, and will accelerate our penetration into France, one of the largest and most competitive markets in Western Europe." declared Fabrizio Chines, Chairman and CEO of SIFI "Dacudoses and Novoptine are very complementary with our proprietary portfolio, which we expect to launch through SIFI France starting from 2020, in line with a well-balanced regulatory, market access and marketing strategy.“

"SIFI is an example of excellence in our portfolio that we are proud to support in its international expansion" commented Alessandro Benetton, Founding Managing Partner of 21 Invest "This operation is strategic to reach its ambitious goal of creating a leading company in the international ophthalmic market".

Funding for the acquisition, along with other refinancing facilities, was provided by a consortium of Italian banks. 

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