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In 2023, Energreen reported record sales, nearing 100 million euros.

Energreen has registered a 67% growth over the past three years, solidifying its position as a leader in professional green maintenance, thanks to its partnership with 21 Invest. Export to the US, from 5 million euros in 2021, is projected to exceed 30 million by year-end.

Established in 1999 by the Fraron family, Energreen maintains its global leadership in professional green maintenance. In 2023, the company achieved a new milestone with a turnover of nearly 100 million euros, showcasing a remarkable 67% growth from the 58 million euros recorded in 2021. Moreover, during the same period, the EBITDA nearly tripled, soaring from 9 to 23 million euros, underscoring the efficacy of the company's growth strategy.

Besides its headquarters in Pojana Maggiore (Vicenza), Energreen boasts several subsidiaries worldwide, including branches in France, Germany, and the USA. Approximately 80% of its revenue comes from international markets. The US market has witnessed remarkable growth, escalating from a 5 million euro turnover in 2021 to over 21 million euros in 2023. Forecasts anticipate this figure to exceed 30 million euros in 2024, attributed to tailored strategies for the local market and the appointment of a new country manager.

These achievements are the outcome of consistent organic growth propelled by our expansion and consolidation efforts in international markets, optimization of corporate operations, and the competitive edge provided by Energreen's machinery. Its specialized machines perform vital functions in environmental maintenance, delivering efficiency, reduced timelines, and enhanced safety for operators compared to alternative solutions.

Since June 2022, 21 Invest, led by Alessandro Benetton, has partnered with the company, aligning with the vision of entrepreneur Daniele Fraron, to support growth and the managerialization process. Six new managers have been appointed, and best practices, including the lean production project, have been implemented to further enhance Energreen's operational capabilities.

Energreen has widened its international footprint, actively engaging in the global market and committed to investing in both new technologies and human resources. Currently, the company employs approximately 225 people, marking a 100% increase in workforce compared to 2021.

This expansion includes doubling the number of engineers in the technical department and establishing a dedicated customer service function. Furthermore, in 2022, the Energreen Academy was launched with the goal of training recent graduates for the workforce, providing specific engineering skills not offered by any technical institutes in the in the Veneto region.

The company has indeed decided to invest in a new facility, slated for completion within the next year, with the aim of further improving customer service and expanding its production capacities for the future.

Alessandro Benetton, Founding Managing Partner and Chairman of 21 Invest, remarks: “I firmly believe in the potential of Energreen, and I am excited about its rapid growth in recent years. This Veneto-based company not only preserves and nurtures the environment but also serves as a hub of essential engineering expertise to tackle global challenges related to the environment and climate, while also investing in the next generation.”

Daniele Fraron, CEO of Energreen, comments: “We take pleasure in building machines, doing so with a keen eye on environmental and social needs. Technology and attention to detail are consistently embedded in our work. We seek 'that something' which transforms the joy of living a passion into a profession. With the experience and vision of 21 Invest, we aim to remain market leaders in innovation applied to the world of green maintenance; it is our sole guiding principle.”

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