Daltys and Dafinances announce the birth of the 3rd national group in the
vending machine operators’ market in France

July 02, 2012

Christophe Brancato and 21 Centrale Partners are pleased to announce that Daltys and Dafinances are coming together as a leading national player in the vending machine operators’ market.

The process began several months ago with the acquisition of Appareillage Automatique, finalized in April, allowing Daltys to federate Dalliance’s shareholders, creating the number three integrated player in the French market.

Daltys pursues its market consolidation objectives by also acquiring Solemco, Prodia + group member, creating a strategic alliance in a common purchasing structure with Prodia +, the first pooling of French independent operators.

Pursuant to these major developments, Dafinances, a holding company majority owned by Evolem, will take on a minority shareholding in Daltys, alongside 21 Centrale Partners and Finadvance. This operation thus reinforces the financial capacity of the consolidation strategy led by Daltys.

Gérard Pluvinet, Founding Managing Partner and François Barbier, Managing Partner of 21 Centrale Partners commented: “When we first met with Christophe Brancato in June 2011, the strategy that we wanted to implement together was clear. It is materializing now.

Franck Urbanski, Associate Director of Evolem added: “We swiftly made Dafinances into a regional leader and we could not ask for a better direction to take with our project. Participating in the birth of a French champion is very exciting.”

Christophe Brancato, Founder & CEO of Daltys added: “Our strategy, based on differentiation and innovation, will have the capacity to accelerate, given the critical mass we have just achieved. Daltys is above all the realization of an entrepreneurial vision. It all starts now for us.”

21 Invest France completes its management transition

Announced in 2017, the new governance is now effective and François Barbier becomes CEO of 21 Invest France, succeeding Gérard Pluvinet who joins the Supervisory Board. Meanwhile, the team has signed four acquisitions for its new Fund, which now counts five investments in total.
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