Closing of 21 Concordia I in Poland

September 17, 2015

21 Concordia, the Warsaw-based, Polish branch of 21 Partners, held its second and final close with aggregate commitments of €M 100, garnering strong interest from leading international institutions.
Managed by four experienced Polish Managing Partners: Dariusz Górka, André Mierzwa, Marek Modecki and Dawid Sukacz, the team on-the-ground invests in Polish mid-sized enterprises and accompanies them in a new phase of development.
The Fund, which began investing in 2014, has already completed two investments: EGB, one of the most experienced and innovative companies in the Polish debt collection and receivables market, and TxM, a leading discount clothing chain with over 300 stores in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, offering a wide range of clothing for the whole family at very attractive prices.
Two additional investments are currently being reviewed and may be completed soon. In addition to capital, 21 Concordia offers Polish companies access to 21 Partners’ vast international network including business expertise and broad contacts across Europe. Faithful to the Group’s value creation strategy implementing strategic guidance, acceleration of growth and improved efficiency, 21 Concordia is an ideal partner for Polish entrepreneurs seeking local financial and strategic support to foster growth and international expansion.
The investment focus concentrates on small and medium sized companies with annual revenues typically between €M 10 to 50 – a very attractive segment of the Polish private equity market. 21 Concordia is uniquely positioned in the Polish market to identify and address such dynamic and growing companies, providing investors with access to some of the most attractive opportunities Poland has to offer.
Information about Poland
Poland, the largest economy in its region, is an attractive market with nearly 40 million consumers. Between 2008-2014 the Polish economy grew by over 20%, despite the global financial and economic crisis. In addition to continued growth, the country boasts a stable political system, liquid local currency and a developed capital market. The economy is driven by strong domestic consumption, investments, including both foreign direct and EU-funded expenditures as well as growing exports. Additionally, the country boasts an educated and highly skilled workforce with attractive labor costs.

21 Concordia exits Apaczka

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21 Concordia invests in VGL

21 Concordia, a private equity fund from 21 Partners group, acquired a 40% stake in the leading Polish freight forwarding and logistics operator – VGL Group Sp. z o.o.
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