21 Concordia exits Apaczka

October 14, 2020

21 Concordia has signed an agreement to sell its stake in Apaczka, the #1 e-commerce logistics and shipping platform operator, to Abris Capital Partners, a leading independent private equity fund manager.

Headquartered in Warsaw, Apaczka has been active for over 10 years in the logistics sector, enjoying a leadership position in Poland at the same level of large international shipping groups. Apaczka operates as a technology platform and an integrator, offering comprehensive shipment services for e-commerce stores, SMEs and SOHO (small office / home office) clients.

Acquired by 21 Concordia in 2017, throughout the holding period Apaczka enjoyed strong growth in direct sales and in the volume of parcels sent thanks to several strategic actions carried out. Apaczka completed 6 strategic acquisitions, including the second largest logistics player in Poland and five add-ons aimed at accelerating digital development. Moreover, Apaczka strengthened the managerial structure in the areas of finance, product, marketing and customer service and diversified its supplier base thanks to new agreements reached with international couriers such as GLS.

Apaczka also developed a new international parcel service from Poland to Germany and created a new platform dedicated to private individuals, while investing in online marketing to improve brand positioning.

On the back of these targeted actions, Apaczka today has over 40,000 clients compared to 16,000 at entry and has increased the volume of parcels sent to 8 million compared to 2.4 million in 2016, continuing to record a positive growth trend also during the covid-19 emergency.

Apaczka has a strong growth in sales in the last three years (2017-2020(B)), achieving a CAGR of over 15% and with over 35 million in sales expected in 2020. Apaczka has also doubled its workforce and opened a new branch.

21 Concordia has identified Abris Capital Partner as the ideal partner to continue the dynamic growth path launched in Apaczka.

Marek Modecki, Managing Partner at
21 Concordia, commented: "We are pleased to have actively participated in the growth of Apaczka. Working closely with the management team has allowed a rapid development of the company in one of the most appealing sectors of the moment. We are pleased that the management of Apaczka will be able to continue on this path and tackle new markets alongside a partner like Abris

Grzegorz Iwaniuk, Co-founder and President of Apaczka, commented: “In addition to pursuing the current strategy of increasing our market share and asserting our leadership position, we plan to accelerate the growth of the business. Indeed, with the support of Abris we will notably develop and implement new solutions for entities operating in the e-commerce industry. Our goal is also to address new market segments with the apaczka.pl online platform.”

Edgar Koleśnik, Partner at Abris Capital Partners, commented: “Apaczka falls perfectly in line with the increasing demand for delivery e-services, allowing to foresee greats prospects for the company’s development. We are convinced that, with the experienced management team in place, we will be able to implement our ambitious plans both in terms of organic growth and acquisitions.”

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