21 Italy to acquire Viabizzuno, a leading Italian innovator in the lighting market

July 18, 2011

21 Investimenti is pleased to announce its investment in Viabizzuno, a leading Italian interior and exterior lighting designer.

Viabizzuno was established in Bentivoglio in 1994 and launched its first products through major projects in the luxury retail market, catering for famous brands such as Armani, Prada, and Gucci. Since that time, the company has made a strong name for itself developing innovative and avant-garde luxury lighting solutions.

Today, Viabizzuno is composed of two core business lines, “For M,” dedicated to cutting-edge technical products, and “Alvaline,” dedicated to luxury decorative products. The company furthermore boasts a dense network of architects and exclusive business partners. Viabizzuno is expected to generate revenues in excess of EUR 40 million in 2011 with an Ebitda margin rate above 15%.

21 Investimenti stood out as a partner of choice for the founder of Viabizzuno on account of its longstanding experience in corporate institutionalization and international development. 21 Investimenti’s keen understanding of the company’s growth story and potential, and the alignment of its strategic vision with that of the founder made for a strong fit.

In a context of fast-paced growth in a market expecting global CAGR of 7% over the next five years, 21 Investimenti will focus on the consolidation of market presencen in Italy and abroad, as well as development into new emerging markets, while strengthening the company’s brand image and expanding its retail visibility through showrooms and branded shops.

With the support of 21 Investimenti, Viabizzuno will reinforce its positioning and expand its coverage, at the forefront of innovation on the most dynamic lighting segments, providing for compelling growth prospects going forward.

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