21 Concordia invests in Apaczka

June 26, 2017

21 Concordia, a Polish private equity firm of 21 Partners, has acquired 42% stake in the leading logistics operator R2G Polska Sp. z o.o. The Company acts as a professional intermediary between SOHO and SME and largest courier companies, providing the highest quality logistics services for e-commerce and traditional industries. Solutions offered by the Company, including apaczka.pl – a state of the art software platform - allow for significant reduction of cost of logistics and optimization of automate shipping process at small and medium size firms, at the same time increasing operational effectiveness for major courier companies. The Company has also developed and operates a separate platform dedicated for private individuals – migiem24.pl.

Apaczka.pl was established in 2009. The Company will be managed by Grzegorz Iwaniuk and Radoslaw Nawrocki. The management team, backed by 21 Concordia, will execute the agreed strategy of further dynamic growth by:

- adding new functionalities and further development of apaczka.pl and migiem24.pl platforms
- integration of apaczka.pl with other e-commerce platforms 
- market consolidation: acquisitions of courier brokers financed from 21 Concordia funds
- international expansion, with 21 Concordia market support and cooperation with foreign partners, experience from the Polish market and use of proprietary IT systems and software solutions

Dariusz Górka, Managing Partner of 21 Concordia commented: “Apaczka.pl is the leading courier broker in Poland. We are glad that we can actively support the Company and its professional management team in its ambitious development strategy.”

We have chosen 21 Concordia as our financial investor because of common vision of growth, experience in market consolidation and in-depth knowledge of e-commerce and logistics sectors. We believe that, with the professional support of the Fund, we will be able to accelerate the Company’s growth and benefit from dynamic development of courier services market.” – said Grzegorz Iwaniuk, Management Board Member of R2G Polska Sp. z o.o.

21 Concordia exits Apaczka

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