21 Centrale Partners reorganizes capital of Digital Virgo

September 1, 2016

21 Centrale Partners was at the origin of Digital Virgo’s creation in 2008, equally and alongside Eric Peyre, its CEO. Today, the group is an international player and a leader in the distribution and monetization of digital content.

Working across a network of 140 telecom operators to address a 1.3 billion user market, Digital Virgo offers a broad portfolio of premium content B2C to its 8 million subscribers as well as B2B services, most notably audience monetization for leading international telecom and media players.

Backed by 21 Centrale Partners and led by Eric Peyre, in the past 7 years, Digital Virgo has:
- Extended its international presence (28 countries today, compared to 8 at entry), notably in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa
- Completed 8 build-ups for innovative, technological expertise or to access new markets
- Diversified and expanded the product offer (VOD, social networks, games and infotainment)
- Grew sales to roughly €M 250

The shareholder reorganization, carried out through an MBO led by Eric Peyre and his team, sees Sofival and BNP Paribas Development entering the capital, while ensuring liquidity for the participation of 21 Centrale Partners. The operation will enable Digital Virgo, with its new partners, to pursue a fresh, active growth phase.

Gérard Pluvinet, Founding Managing Partner of 21 Centrale Partners declared: “We understood as early as 2008 that the digital economy was transforming the world. Digital Virgo allowed us, thanks to an excellent entrepreneur and team, to create an international platform able to meet the needs of an evolving and fast growing market. This is only the beginning of Digital Virgo’s growth story and we are pleased to have allowed the management to reinforce its position and the entry of new partners around the table.

Jean-François Blas, President of SOFIVAL, added: “Having participated with 21 Centrale Partners in the strong development of Digital Virgo, led by its founder, Eric Peyre, SOFIVAL has now entered the capital confident in a new growth phase and alongside the management.”

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