Who we are

We are an established investment firm, with an experienced team of professionals. We leverage our entrepreneurial mindset to help portfolio companies in their growth.

About us

For the last 30 years, we have provided companies with the tools and expertise they need to help them reach their full potential and pursue long term expansion.

We trace our roots back to the enlightened vision of Alessandro Benetton, embodying a commitment to social consciousness, innovation, and continuous improvement that permeates every aspect of our work.

Founded in 1992, 21 Invest was a pioneer in the Italian mid-market.
We continued evolving with the establishment of a local team in France in 1998, then in Poland in 2013.

Today we are a European group, with a strong local presence to scout investment opportunities and support portfolio companies growth, along with a global coordination on industry knowledge, investor relations, sustainability and communications.

Our pillars

What makes us stand out.

1. History and heritage
Born almost 30 years ago, today we are recognized for our strong heritage, values and reputation.

2. Experience and flexibility
We are a team of about 50 professionals with a mindset built around high quality technical and soft skills.

3. Active Ownership
We work alongside companies providing support and guidance to make them reach their growth and efficiency objectives.

4. Sustainability practice
We believe in environmental, social and business sustainability and are the first investment company to have partnered with the Shared Value initiative.

Key figures



    Active funds

      € 1.2 Bn



        Portfolio companies

          € 1.6 Bn

          Aggregate sales


            Aggregate employees

              Best-in-class team.

              Established, institutional and committed.

              A blend of seasoned professionals and young talents who are the future of the 21 Invest group.

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              “For the last 30 years, we have been investing in great companies, helping them focusing on leaving a positive stamp on each business we own.”

              Alessandro Benetton

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