We invest in companies to make them grow, while being competitive, sustainable, resilient and great places to work.

Our essence

Words that define us.

Our values inspire us and guide our decisions.

We believe in:

We welcome change and we work to keep improving, evolving and innovating.

We act with social consciousness with our investors, companies and communities.

We are driven by a pioneering attitude and an active ownership approach.

Our approach

Tools for value creation.

We give portfolio companies the means to start a new phase of growth.
We support them in this ambition with financial, strategic, human and organizational support, enabling to materialize the value creation.
To do so, we systematically apply three key levers: growth, institutionalization and sustainability, adapted to the company’s profile and development plan.


We ensure that portfolio companies are efficient and have the resources, competencies, and internal organization suitable for making them resilient in the long term and reaching their development objectives.


We support portfolio companies to increase sales in their domestic and international markets. We combine organic growth and strategic acquisitions to broaden their product or service range and expand their client base.


We believe that our portfolio companies have a duty to make a positive contribution to their communities while ensuring they have a strong attention to the environment. We look at sustainability from 360°.

Shared value

We look for opportunities to deliver business growth and solve social issues while generating good returns to investors and advancing portfolio companies’ suppliers, clients, employees and local communities.

Shared Value

We work alongside portfolio companies to make sure an appropriate digital strategy is in place.

The need for digitalization has accelerated creating opportunities for growth, but at the same time bringing new threats and challenges.

Increased cybersecurity and data protection and improved digital literacy of employees are essential steps to build successful digital strategies to drive growth in sales and margins, increase efficiency and create value.

Platform strategy

We support portfolio companies operating in fragmented markets in the roll-out of their platform strategies.

This allows to either expand geographically, to tackle new markets and/or to reinforce existing positions while reaching a critical size.

It also enables to increase significantly the strategic value of companies and make them grow.


These #21portfoliostories videos which shed light on how we pursue value creation through digitalization and build-ups.

For more stories, click on the link below.

"Having a purpose is more than sharing a commonly agreed sentence. It’s about looking at the portfolio companies as if we will be with them forever, it’s about creating a more sustainable business environment, it’s about caring for future generations."

Alessandro Benetton

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