Maxicoffee joins Daltys

With MaxiCoffee, Daltys seeks to establish itself as the benchmark for the ‘coffee experience’ and share this with as many people as possible.

French people are consuming more and more coffee. 87 % of them claim to drink it at least once a day. What if this coffee break were to become a discovery experience, a significant moment in your day?

This ambition is shared by Daltys and MaxiCoffee, two major coffee brands in France, who formalised their alliance on 28 March 2018, in the hopes of turning every coffee appreciation moment into a unique journey of discovery, with quality coffees, authentic stories and remarkable experiences.With a significant presence on the coffee scene in France, Daltys is responsible for the coffee experience of several millions of consumers each day.

Based in the Marseille region, the Daltys group has become a leader on the vending machine market in just a few years, with its innovative coffee solutions for businesses and public places. Seeking to make its quality products roasted by artisans accessible to everyone, Daltys has installed a number of self-serve café corners throughout France, has developed a network of 40 coffee shops and now also offers direct or online sales of coffees and equipment to professionals and individuals.No.1 coffee expert on the internet, MaxiCoffee receives over a thousand orders per day and generates over 37 million euros in turnover.

Much more than a website that sells coffee and machines, MaxiCoffee is like its own movement, where know-how, passion and expertise have been coming together for the past 10 years. Driven by the desire to make ‘good coffee’ more accessible, MaxiCoffee created Cafés Lugat, remarkable products with traceable origins roasted by artisans, which offer a wide variety of aromas. The company also manages a Barista Training Centre designed to teach the art of ‘coffee sommeliers’, and in 2016 it launched ‘Coffee Spirit’, the first 100 % French lifestyle magazine dedicated to coffee, tea and chocolate. Buoyed by its expertise, in 2017 MaxiCoffee opened its first coffee store in Gironde, which is completely devoted to coffee – a concept that is unique in France.

With MaxiCoffee, Daltys seeks to establish itself as the benchmark for the ‘coffee experience’ and share this with as many people as possible. With MaxiCoffee, Daltys will benefit from its expertise in selling coffee and machines online and will strengthen its own expertise in roasting specialty coffees and the coffee store concept. This multichannel presence will help strengthen the group’s strategy. While remaining focused on consumers, Daltys is firmly establishing itself as a French company that is unique in the coffee sector.With this external growth, the Daltys group will draw on the expertise of 1,600 passionate employees and make its remarkable products available to a great many people, generating an estimated turnover of 257 million euros.

With this comprehensive range of services, the Daltys group hopes to become a key player on this dynamic market, amongst others. Sharing more than just a good coffee, Daltys wants to attest to this ‘art of living’ that dates back to the 17th century. Like wine and champagne, coffee is a product that comes to us from the soil. It is a reflection of the farmer who grew it, the person who selected it and the barista who sublimated it.A group, terroirs and people, all with a single motto: from farm to cup, inspiring a unique coffee moment.

« When I met Christophe Brancato, Daltys’s founder, there was an immediate connection. Facilitating the coffee experience and participating in a journey with others are values we share. MaxiCoffee’s and Daltys’s respective visions and the meaning we give our line of work overlap perfectly for developing our joint project. Together with the MaxiTeam, I am proud and enthusiastic to be pursuing our early ambition with Daltys: sharing good coffee with as many people as possible. » Jean-Charles Krompholtz, Founding chairman of MaxiCoffee

« We extend a warm welcome to Jean-Charles Krompholz, Lionel Galut and the MaxiTeam. Coffee is our passion. We want to offer people a journey, a discovery, an adventure that reaches out to these men and their expertise that reveals the essence and enhances the taste of this high-quality product. Together, we become a single entity. A group that places terroirs, people and their stories at the heart of an original experience, so that each coffee moment inspires an emotion.. » Christophe Brancato, Chairman of Daltys

« In 2017, we decided to continue supporting Daltys and set up refinancing to be ready to seize any great opportunities in a coffee sector undergoing major changes. This has made it possible for Daltys to acquire MaxiCoffee No. 1 in coffee on the internet, which we’re very pleased about. » François Barbier, Deputy Managing Director at 21 Centrale Partners

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