21 Partners has become 21 Invest: a story that renews itself alongside its companies

November 28, 2018

21 Partners, a European group founded by Alessandro Benetton and Gérard Pluvinet, is becoming 21 Invest. A brand renewal which better expresses the values and characteristics of a group aimed towards the future and in constant growth alongside its companies.

The new name and logo more directly express the core activity of the Group which in almost 30 years of activity has expanded from Italy to other geographies and is further progressing towards pan-European growth.

The new logo represents the vision of the group which is constantly aiming towards the future and continuous evolution. A circular process that, like the arrow circling the number 21, passes every finish line and transforms it into a new beginning.

I chose the number 21 to identify the company that I founded in 1992 at the age of 28Alessandro Benetton, founder of the group commented – We were in the 20th century, but I already saw myself looking forward to the century to come. For me the 21st century represented the future. Today, the rebranding we are presenting is a further step in our growth path that aims to continue to invest in quality companies and making them grow.

ProductLife Group expands to India and Central Europe

After having acquired French-based AxPharma and US-based DS InPharmatics, PLG continues its dynamic development with this new build-up. It allows the group, acquired by 21 Invest France in 2019, to establish itself in India and strengthen its position in Central Europe, thus enhancing its value proposition with offshoring capacities.
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