"The 21 Investimenti team fully embraced our business model and helped the company to grow also by responding to the existing societal needs of local small farmers"

Valentino Sciotti
CEO of Farnese
21 Investimenti acquired Farnese Vini in 2013 and enabled the company to become the indisputable leader in Southern Italian wine. During the holding period, the company was transformed from a family business to a corporate business with a solid management team. Production was expanded to new Italian regions and modern bottling facilities were created investing over €M 10.

On the back of these targeted actions, Farnese has nearly doubled both its sales and Ebitda and today sells more than 100 labels in over 80 countries worldwide.

In September 2016, 21 Investimenti sold Farnese to NB Renaissance Partners, an international Private Equity fund.

Farnese creates value for the Southern Italy local community through its wine quality program

Despite operating with very limited land ownership, Farnese has been able to offer a wide and scalable range of premium Southern Italian wines by obtaining a reliable supply of quality grapes from small farmers located in a vast area in the South of Italy. The farmers working under this program receive full assistance in all stages of their activity gaining a high control on the quality and quantity of their grape production. This enhances their know-how and their sustainability in the long term.

Key Figures

€M 56

turnover at exit


of sales generated abroad


export countries worldwide


in Central and Southern Italy wine

"I am proud of the results achieved by Farnese in recent years alongside 21 Investimenti as they demonstrate how with the right ideas, creativity, passion and skill it is possible to create companies that are leaders in their industry and that are able to combine growth, social commitment and development of the local community"
Alessandro Benetton
Founding Managing Partner