21 Centrale Partners reorganizes the capital of Skill & You, the French e-learning leader

December 6, 2016

21 Centrale Partners announces the capital reorganization of Skill & You, the French leader in e-learning, alongside the management of the company and new investors.

Five years after its initial investment in Skill & You, 21 Centrale Partners is organizing the new round table of the group. The goal of this investment is to accelerate the development of the company, particularly internationally, and to provide partial liquidity to some of the shareholders.

On this occasion, the funds managed by 21 Centrale Partners, the first shareholder of Skill & You, reinvested in the group with new investors - Jolt Capital and Access Capital Partners - who took part in this major financing.

The Skill & You group, formerly named Forma-Dis, has experienced dynamic growth in the recent years. It now offers 150 vocational courses in nine different sectors to more than 70,000 students. Skill & You intends to continue expanding its training offer, pursue targeted external growth operations and extend its presence in France and Europe.

Stéphane Perriquet, Managing Partner and Fabrice Voituron, Partner at 21 Centrale Partners, declared: "Skill & You is a fine example of a reorganization and development project led by 21 Centrale Partners, leading managers and qualified investors. This capital reorganization will enable Skill & You to enter a new stage of growth in a very buoyant market. "

21 Centrale Partners to sell Skill & You

The Skill & You Group, majority-owned by 21 Centrale Partners, Access Capital Partners, Jolt Capital, Alma Learning Group and Capital Transmission, is sold to Andera Partners, on behalf of Winch Capital 4, as part of an MBO organized around the Management team led by Eric Petco and Sonia Levy-Odier. The Fund joins forces with the […]
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